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Join me as I document my travels through various psychedelics experiences. We are a group of psychedelics lovers who decided to share their passion and psychedelic trips with the world.

How to store LSD after buying

HOW TO STORE LSD Lsd is a psychedelic drug which produces hallucinations when consumed. It could be ingested as liquid LSD, LSD Tabs (blotters or acid tabs) and Acid gel tabs (lsd gel tabs). There are other forms like crystal but this document is  focus on how to store LSD. To know more about LSD and what is LSD, take…

dmt vape


DMT VAPE PEN What Are DMT VAPE PENS Before getting to know more about dmt vape pens for those who are new, we should first talk about the man component which is DMT. Dmt has been mentioned multiple times throughout our blog. A short and simple definition would be; DMT is a chemical substance occurring naturally in many plants and…

How To Make DMT 2021

How To Make DMT We will be talking today about DMT, dimethyltryptamine which is present in naturally in many different species of plants. It also occurs in tiny amounts in mammals and even humans. A detailed description about this chemical is mentioned on our previous post. DMT is very illegal in most countries and a Schedule I controlled substance in…

yellow xanax

What Is Yellow Bar Xanax ?

Yellow Bar Xanax For Sale What Is Yellow Bar Xanax  Also known as yellow alprazolam 2 mg. It is manufactured and distributed by Actavis. Xanax is used to treat many disorders and panic attacks. It is used to relieve anxiety and calms a person by slowing the central nervous system. It should also be noted that there is evidence of…

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