As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to share my experience

All Psychedelics Organization was founded in 2015, but existed well before that time in Los Angeles, CA. Sergio Sanders and 4 of his friends who were all consumers of the Ayahuasca tea. Experience a breakthrough after having an awesome tripping experience. They describe the trip as wonderful and could not account for the 6 hours of trans mode. After organizing some sessions of control psychedelics experience with new initiates. All that under the supervision of older and experience psychedelics consumers. The idea of opening a center where everyone could come and talk about this magical/ mystical world. Share his/her experience in the psychedelic world so as to paint out the best image of this world still to be explore.
As years went by, this centers development rate and the continuously increasing community. Other centers open around the town of LA and later on the whole of California state in the US. Our communities could see and help people who could not give up on tripping on psychedelics everyday (addicts).

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

The first Detoxification center opens its doors 2 years later in New York city. Soon, there was at least one center and in each state of America. The psychedelics communities on reddit we have counts more than 100,000 subscribers and all have experience a psychedelic trip. We open All Psychedelics Official website (see domain at https://allpsychedelics.org) to reach out to everyone and keep people up to date on these psychedelic drugs. Here, we list out more 200 blog posts which will answer each and every of your questions on psychedelics. We have make sure to touch every psychedelic drug, talk about it, answer all possible question on it and add experience reviews. This is to help our community members access our library from everywhere. AllPsychedelics community is everywhere and just a call away from you.
Get the help you need and document yourself on what you wish. Get close to the psychedelic world and experience a psychedelic trip. Talk to over 1 million community members and feel free to share your own experience. Register now and enter our book, talking about yourself and sharing your psychedelic experience.

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