Benefits and disadvantages of LSD 

Benefits and disadvantages of LSD 

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is one of the potent hallucinogenic drugs that contain chemicals that change mood. It is commonly manufactured from lysergic acid that is found in grains such as rye. This drug is produced in laboratories when it’s in crystal form. There are several laboratories in the united states that are set up illegally for the manufacture of LSD. After the crystals are produced in these laboratories, they are transformed in liquid form or converted to micro tablets and released for distribution. At other times LSD is added to absorbent paper and then it’s divided into small squares that are decorated with cartoon characters.


Users of LSD like to use it because it disconnects them from reality and changes their perception of normal life. The users of LSD prefer to use it because they find it beneficial and as a solution to most of their problems. The disconnection from reality serves them well and puts them at a different word for a while. However, LSD has its effects and these effects are the reason why it is deemed illegal in the first place. here is a look at the benefits and disadvantages of LSD.


Benefits of LSD

The chairman of the Narcotic Drug Study Commission in new jersey once said that LSD was a greater threat to the United States and more dangerous than the war in Vietnam. This has however been disputed by many facts over the past decade. Some scientists studying LSD challenged such a conclusion by the evidence their studies found. Hallucinogens like LSD can help sick people especially those suffering from psychiatric conditions. LSD also helps Alcoholics drink less which is good control of their excessive drinking. Also, scientists found LSD to be beneficial to terminally ill patients because they reduce the pain and worry of their unfortunate future. Besides, LSD also helps these patients drift gently into death as opposed to when they could have to face the pain and worry then eventually die in anguish and suffering.


LSD does not only help terminally ill people, but they help relieve stress which brings happiness to healthy people who consume them. Early results state that when LSD is used by people without a history of psychological related problems, it can make them calmer, kinder, and better at their jobs. Also, use of LSD can help make people more creative, generous, open-minded, and better at solving problems


Disadvantages of LSD

Despite the few benefits of LSD, this drug has many disadvantages that include; dilation of pupils, high or low body temperature, increase or decrease in blood pressure, and heartbeat rate. Some users of LSD also experience loss of appetite, tremors, and sleeplessness. The main disadvantage of LSD is the hallucinations it causes. Users of LSD often experience visual and audial hallucinations that can be adversely tormenting.


Other users of LSD experience terrifying thoughts, uncontrolled fear, and anxiety. A combination of hallucinations, fear, anxiety, and terrifying thoughts can continue for more than twelve horrific hours. LSD has a toll on its users and addicts live a horrific life of psychological torture.

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