How to store LSD after buying


Lsd is a psychedelic drug which produces hallucinations when consumed. It could be ingested as liquid LSD, LSD Tabs (blotters or acid tabs) and Acid gel tabs (lsd gel tabs). There are other forms like crystal but this document is  focus on how to store LSD. To know more about LSD and what is LSD, take a look at our blog and register for newsletter. In this post, we will list out the best way to store LSD base on the form in which the LSD is purchase. When you buy LSD online in its different for, document yourself on how to consume it and how to store it.

Different Forms Of LSD (how you can store LSD)

The different forms in which you can buy LSD online are; LSD Tabs (blotters), Liquid LSD and LSD gel Tabs (Acid gel tabs). After buying LSD online in any these forms, to store it you should:

  1. LSD Tabs (Blotters or Acid Tabs): Store LSD as blotter paper in an airtight container to extend the drug’s longevity. LSD tabs will remain the same for several months up to years, under the proper conditions.

  2. Acid Gel Tabs (LSD gel tabs): Similar to blotters have long life span when kept in an airtight container. However, the temperature at which this acid gel tabs are kept matter a lot.

  3. Liquid LSD: As a liquid, acid evaporates at a higher rate than other types. When placed in a hot, humid, and sunny room, the liquid’s potency will quickly decline.

  4. Similar to the methods discussed for storing blotters, liquid benefits from chilly, dark environments. However, a glass dropper bottle is more awkward to store in an airtight container than tabs. If you insulate the container with pieces of foam padding, you can avoid damaging the glass, but the most recommended method of storing liquid is to distribute it onto blotters. This way, the acid will not evaporate as fast and tabs are also more compact and easier to hide than a medicine dropper.

What Causes the Decomposition of LSD when poorly stored?

Many factors can cause the decomposition of LSD namely; Heat, Light, Oxygen and Moisture. Elaborating on how each of these factors affect the life span of LSD. To know how to best store LSD, experiments have been done in our labs and our community members gave us feedback. All over our community pages, on our social media pages and reddit forum. Community members gave responses which we merged with our lab results and came up with the best way to store LSD after buying.

How To Store Acid

  • Heat (Temperature) affects LSD: How does temperature affects LSD? High temperature (heat) will cause LSD to degrade faster. However, note that at room temperature the LSD will still degrade though slowly (the process will take way longer. So Store your LSD in a cool area or refrigerator, so long as there is no heat and sun it will last long.
  • LSD expose to UV Rays (Light affects LSD): How does Light (sun light) affects LSD’s rate of decay? It is well known that LSD is sensitive to light exposure, particularly ultraviolet (UV) and fluorescent light.
    Leaving it in direct sunlight for a relatively short amount of time causes a potentially noticeable amount of potency drop, due to the photo decomposition of the LSD. Fluorescent light also causes decomposition of LSD, especially when stored in transparent containers. And while LSD can withstand normal room light conditions for at least 1 week without noticeable structural change, the optimal location for the long-term storage of tabs is cool and dark. So store your LSD in a Dark spot, wrap in tin foil or dark glass container and opaque containers.
  • Air and Humidity (Moisture) Affect Lsd: It should not be kept in a humid area expose to air, oxygen, moisture or water. As this will quickly degrade the LSD and it will not last for long.

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