How to take DMT

How to take DMT

When hallucinogen drugs are mentioned, the first two that come to mind are DMT and LSD. These drugs are powerful such that they produce a lot of physical and psychological effects when taken. DMT is popular since it occurs naturally in plants and animals. Because of the intense psychedelic effect it generates when taken, most people refer to it as a “spirit molecule.”

DMT is a Schedule I controlled substance, which means it is not legal for anyone to manufacture, possess, buy or distribute it. It is a substance that people tend to abuse regularly because it is not regulated and without any safety parameters.

Facts about DMT

Before we talk about how to take DMT, let’s look at some fast facts on DMT. These are essential points to consider about DMT without going into full details about the drug.

  • DMT has been in existence for thousands of years
  • The side effects produce powerful hallucinations
  • In South America, people use the drug as part of shamanic ritual
  • The drug is also known as a spirit molecule because of its nature

History of DMT

DMT has been in existence for years and is widely associated with religious practice in South America. It is the active ingredient in ayahuasca, a popular traditional South American brewed tea. The drug is unlawful because of its hallucinogenic and psychoactive effects. The number of new DMT users using the drugs is on the rise, notwithstanding the drugs’ side effects.

Furthermore, since it is illegal to buy the drugs, you won’t see them available in stores. However, there is an online black market that allows individuals to buy DMT. To access these sites, you have to use a secured connection or virtual private network to buy the drug.

How to take DMT

The synthetic DMT is available in a white crystalline powder format, which can be injected, snorted, vaporized, or smoked in a pipe. When used during religious ceremonies, vines and plants are boiled to produce into a tea-like drink with different strengths.

The synthetic DMT works immediately with you experiencing the effects within 5 to 11 minutes. However, the plant-based brews produce results within 20 to 60 minutes. The duration and intensity of the DMT drug depend on numerous factors, including the quantity you take, how you use it, if you have taken other drugs, and whether you’ve eaten or not.

Typically, the injected, snorted, or inhaled DMT takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the effects to wade off. If you drink it with a beverage, you can stumble for almost 6 hours.


DMT is highly toxic, and taking an overdose is never advised. You can take DMT by injecting it into your vein, snort it, vaporize it, or smoke it using a pipe. Whatever method you decide fits you, it is crucial to understand its side effects and long-term effects if it is your first time taking it. Remember, DMT is a highly addictive drug and can interfere with your daily life if you continue to take it.


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