The legality of LSD

The legality of LSD

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or “acid” is a hallucinogenic drug that contains chemicals that affect and change mood. LSD is manufactured from lysergic acid that is found in the ergot fungus that thrives on grains such as rye. This drug is produced in laboratories in crystal form mostly in the united states. The crystals are then converted to micro tablets and liquid form and distributed to users. LSD is colorless, odorless, and tastes slightly bitter.

Because of the adverse side effects of this drug and how it affects the daily performance of people it is illegal. Drugs are deemed illegal if they affect the performance and health of their users and so the reason why LSD is illegal.

A look at the legality of LSD

LSD was once a legal drug and it was studied to be used by psychiatric patients. However, with time LSD was severely abused by a growing number of people especially the young and this caused a lot of concern and legislation that outlawed LSD. As a result, manufacturing, selling, or using LSD has since been illegal in the United States and many other countries around the world for decades now.

The United States Food And Drug Administration together with the Drug Administration Agency have put measures to curb the manufacturing, sale, or consumption of LSD including its use for scientific research and therapy. Despite LSD being illegal and highly controlled, its use has been constant for over two decades.

For you to understand the legality of LSD better here is more information about it that made authorities make it illegal.

Effects of LSD on its users that made it illegal

LSD is not physiologically addictive but constant use of this drug can lead to psychological addiction. Typical effects of LSD include altered thoughts and visual and auditory hallucinations, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, and increased body fever. These effects can last for a period of up to twenty hours. Most users take this drug for recreational purposes while others consume it for spiritual reasons.

Adverse psychiatric reactions are evident to the users of LSD and they include anxiety, delusions, and paranoia. Such effects can affect the judgment and sanity of users which can make them dangerous to stay around with. This is especially when they get agitated or feel threatened even slightly. This danger is one of the reasons LSD is a controlled substance because constant use leads to the threat to others.

Also, distressing flashbacks can occur to the users of LSD even after the users stop consuming it. This condition is known as the hallucinogen persisting perception disorder. Such effects directly affect the health of its users and so it’s another reason why LSD was considered illegal.

There have been no direct reports of death caused directly by the consumption of LSD but there have been deaths due to accidents caused by the recklessness of this drug. All these effects of LSD occur because of the alterations of LSD in the serotonin system.


LSD is distributed as a liquid but other times it is packed and sold in small tablets known as “microdots” and its use leads to psychological effects. However, no matter how this drug is sold, it is illegal and since the authorities know how it is packed and distributed in the streets, it’s easy for them to locate it and apprehend suspects. The manufacture, sale, or use of LSD can lead to a jail term when arrested.

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