Where to Buy DMT

Where to Buy DMT

What is DMT

First off, let’s start with getting to know a little more about what we are looking to buy. A lot of people especially first timers have little to know idea about what DMT really is.

DMT is a hallucinogenic tryptamine drug which occurs naturally in both plants and animals. Tryptamine compounds are monoamine alkaloid which form a diverse group of 5HT2A agonist compounds. Now that we know a little about what we are looking to buy, lets proceed. These compounds are usually found in tiny amounts in the brains of mammals. A recent hypothesis says the play a role as a neuromodulator also known as neurotransmitter. We will be doing another writeup to expatiate more on “What is DMT” .

Where Can I Buy DMT?

Before trying to buy DMT, you should first of know exactly what you’re after. There Exist over 4 kinds of well-known DMT which include but are not limited to

  • N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (N, N-DMT): This variation of DMT has been found in many plants and animals. Research suggest a possibility that human bodies create it on their own. This is the variation of DMT which is most accessible and less costly. N, N-DMT is extracted from root backs of plants which contains a chemical known as MAIO.


  • 5 Meo DMT: 5 Meo DMT is another type of DMT which has also been found in many plants and animals. Note that this type of DMT has not been found in humans (Yet). We probably have seen movies with teens licking toad backs so they could go high. While that’s not advisable, it’s totally true you would get high is you did that on the Colorado River Toad (Bufo alvarius or Incilius alvarius).


  • 4-AcO-DMT: This on the other hand is a synthetic variation of DMT. First synthesized in early the 1960’s by swiss chemist Albert Hoffman . 4 AcO DMT is much cheaper with trips similar to DMT, Shrooms and LSD in one. Note that this doesn’t occur naturally in nature.
  • Where To Buy DMT Online

The safest place you can get DMT or any variant of it would be on the dark web. Accessing the dark web isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to take all necessary precautions so that you are and actually know what you’re doing.  Make sure you have followed the steps below before trying to purchase on the dark web

  • Get Linux based destroy (Kali, Ubuntu or any other preferred)
  • Get a premium (Paid) VPN, this will enable you to use your computer as though it were in another. Free VPNs are not advised.
  • Make sure to use an anonymous Email
  • Always use TOR browser and make sure to never maximise the Tor window as it may provide information which would be used to identify you
  • Get a new identity in tor when ever necessary. This is just a precaution and doesn’t cost anything.
  • Lastly be weary of scams and anybody could be the police. So, you should stay safe.

There exist hundreds of markets on the dark web, all claiming to sell products of one type or another. Make sure to go through reviews before making use of any of these so called markets. There are well known markets which have eventually disappeared out of a sudden. So you aren’t totally guaranteed unless you’re shopping with us.

You might have heard of the recent empire market scam, which left without over 50million dollars in crypto.

DMT Where To Buy

Meanwhile we at AllPsychedelics.org are here to save you that stress. We have all precautions taken to ensure that shopping with us is safe and discreet. Our servers are hosted out of the US so no jurisdiction over us. We do not keep records of any form. Once orders are dispatched, we delete all info so there’s no trace. Payments are made using secured channels so you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

We provide all 3 earlier mentioned variants of DMT. Quality and satisfaction is our main goal.

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  1. If it was possible to buy dmt online then all drugs could be available online. There are ways to protect people from abuse, that is only with prescriptions.

  2. This is good information. However I’m sure people are more likely to want to know where not to dmt. Because fake dmt websites are too many out there.


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